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Prices: (Each - 41mm) Oak: £12 Mahogany: £9.85
spindle-3 spindle-4 spindle-7 spindle-9 spindle-10 spindle-11 spindle-15 spindle-16 spindle-17 spindle-18 spindle-19
Prices: (Each - 41mm) Oak: £7.95  Mahogany: £6.20
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Standard Spindles

Our standard range of spindles are 900 x 41mm but can be made in 45mm, 57mm, 65mm, or 1100mm lengths.

Standard wood range is European Oak, Sapele and Pine although others are available.

Custom Made Spindles

We can make any style or size, all we need is a design, and the design idea can be as simple as a sketch, and we will make it for you.

Spindle Copying

Do you have a broken or damaged spindle? Are you restoring a staircase and have a missing custom spindle? If so, we are able to copy any existing spindle and cap. You will need to let us have a photo and the dimensions of the the existing spindle you would like us to copy and we will get it done for you!

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